about me

Life change

The earth is important to me, because it is our all provider and habitat. This attitude I have likely already in the education, where usually other things as important regards.

How this came about, you can read below.

Currently, (2019) I am in upheaval. Since I wanted to do more for my projects, I needed more time. I’m not an after-hours-worker, although I can still sit at the computer for hours.

So I had my last day of work at Feb. 2018. (It is so much more liberating to live with nature than to run after capitalism).

I’m already taking further steps, looking for a place where I can live more naturally than, for example, in Germany. There are nowadays eco-villages, where you grow your own food or together. The children grow up in the community and depending on what one has for interest/knowledge, gives what one can. Nowadays then also still online that gives further.

In such places I will spend the next time, also at WOOfing projects I will look past. Let’s see if it is possible to stay at one of the places for longer.

The important thing is: I don’t have to forbid myself anything!

I am not happier when I wear great clothes, so I can leave them out.

I’m not happier if I have a car/electronics, so I only buy what I (really) need.

I’m not happier if I don’t travel, so I travel only to meet like-minded people, or to learn from their projects.

So you notice: I am already happy and satisfied.

Now I could also continue in Germany as before, was great, job, wife, apartment, etc., only I have an inner voice, an inner pressure to do something for the earth, to give something back. So I live resources sparingly and bring the benefits to you.

Career, how did I get from normal to this?

so after school it started (end of 90s). I do not count myself to the mainstream, had other views.

In the training time around 2000 I came then on nutrition and so. The first weeks with raw food, separation diet etc.

Realization: food also affects our perception and so much more than just the body. The foresight, where nowadays and under what circumstances, food is produced!

The family then remained at 95% vegetarianism, which was ok, or 90% vegan and especially organic!

After the training with 20 rum, I already had the need to give something back to the earth and not always to „suck“. Since I could help in a small (1 month) Kenya aid project.

Realization: There are people who live without „luxury“, and yet with the similar needs and views.

After the return I have made then according to training an office job, was ok. (If you see everything positively, other things would have been good, too).

In the seven years there it was nice, but without great development.

Privately, I was mostly searching during that time, with stages where I thought I had found it.

So first in small meditation groups, then in Buddha centers etc. In 2009 Dalai-Lama visited Frankfurt, that was also great.

Realization: Just because everything is doing and wanting the same, one can (should?!) also question the normal. Watching TV replaced by Internet and YouTube.

In 2010 I went out to do something in nature (still the need to help the earth).

I ended up in Australia with Work & Travel. Where the work in the national park was not so possible… and the volunteering was very expensive.

The work and discover the continent was also interesting, but not purposeful.

Therefore I went already (with 2nd year visa in the bag) after 9 months back to Germany.

Realization: After so many sunsets and the most beautiful beaches with nature and cities I realized: It is only for the moment, you forget it again. Better to be always in a beautiful place (consciously chosen), than to travel back and forth forever.

Disappointed by that, I thought I need to reintegrate into society, I then found an employee-oriented company in IT, which has always excited me.

Since 2012, I now lived almost happy and satisfied life. 2013 ended my until then duration single life and I learned to live it with woman.

Realization: to compromise, to talk openly and honestly about everything. She showed me that I don’t always have to upgrade the computer (I don’t want her to buy more shoes). Now I don’t need to buy anything to have it, to travel just to have been there.

So now it’s nice to be Sustainable, happy and satisfied here. For me!

Because I always had a bloated belly and a pressure when I did not eat, I was looking for solutions without drugs. So other nutrition. As the organic wore off and it became more cheese stuff again.

In early 2016 I found one who lived the same, only as a family with freelance job on YouTube.

Finally I got the kick, the beautiful life not only for me to live, but also to enable my fellow men and all in the mainstream, as he already did.

Realization: I am not alone, with the „funny“ views: no longer only to suck the earth and support capitalism. But to live with the earth and teach this to others.

So, at the end of 2016, I started to use the social media, which I had declared bad, for the positive news. In the second „home leave“ I also quickly came far to set up everything. But then to continue it in the free time after work so, was too little time. In the spare time I need this also. And so it came to the current situation as described above.

Realization: Follow the path that feels good, even if the mind wants to insist on reason. Now I have found my life task, what I have always sought. To help the earth and of course life, to unite.