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New to the ecovillage world:
You are dissatisfied with social life, or your living situation here and have no experience with ecovillages or are afraid to take the step you need. I give you the overview of what is available, in personal coordination, where you are drawn to. I’ll help you get started on this all-important topic. Topics: Financing and job, housing and social exchange, nutrition and education, ecology, etc.

Experienced in the ecovillage world:
Have you perhaps been to an ecovillage. You are unsure if there are others that might suit you better?! Then I will show you examples of where I have been and which one might suit you.


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I have been able to implement the sustainable themes in my life for the last 20 years. Have visited over 15 communities, in over 10 countries. Use this experience to get a glimpse into the diversity of great places have.

My skills:
Permanently positive, I think in solutions. If there are hardly any solutions, mostly causes of the problems can be eliminated. I think very far, and question everything. In the different meditation groups I became more and more conscious. So I perceive a lot. GFK, non-violent communication, listen to others and can also let their opinion stand. I like closeness, but can also be alone. Being honest and open is normal here.

From earlier times:
Am a trained office organizer (-salesman), and have also worked as an executive secretary. Was also in logistics, organization of IT (large computer) transports. Have done a lot with computer hardware, software and Internet, also attended training courses at the IHK for network. In the garden maintenance in the family business, I was always involved. Various workshops, like helping with mud house construction.

Community topics such as: supervision, as a neutral I can help to mediate, moderate. On any life topic, I can tell about the communities and their experiences. Give seminars, if desired. I can help to found communities, in the procedure and support, that a good core forms and the proceeding.

Sustainability, how it can be lived in everyday life. Mindset development, to want it by itself, without having to renounce. Use resources sparingly, understand and question the background, capitalism.

I am permanently positive and conscious, live as well as possible in the cycle with nature, as sustainable as the place where I am, gives it.
Already know my needs in community and how to behave there and like to pass on the knowledge.

Through seminars I know GFK, consens(t), communes, Cycle, Forum and other tools for community growth together.

I was also able to experience gardening, natural building, kitchen help and much more during the participation and action weeks.

A beautiful place, with like-minded people and a happy and content life, with itself and the earth actively to experience. That is meanwhile well possible, even to be able to unfold system-independently. Join in! Book your consultation below.

short consulting

I show you ways, to go out of the system
95 incl. MwSt.
  • 4 h. Consulting
  • small consulting package, to solve your individual questions, about the community or/and yourself
  • Very practical, how you go about your daily life.
  • first half hour free to get to know each other
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Advanced consulting

Clarify intensive questions
175 incl. MwSt.
  • 8 h. Consulting
  • medium counseling package, if you want to learn more about your life situation and those in the ecovillage.
  • Your personal situation and where to go, we can better work out here
  • first half hour free to get to know each other
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Long-term consultation

Contact person for all individualities
335 incl. MwSt.
  • 16 h. Consulting
  • all life issues and opportunities
    we can tailor specifically to you.
  • So if you are still bound (locally, physically), you can build your
    alternative environment.
  • medium consulting package, if you want to know more backgrounds
  • Your personal situation and where to go, we can better work out here
  • first half hour free to get to know each other
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Q: Why is there no hourly booking option?

A: The issue is too complex. You would hardly be helped with an hour.