Show your Ecovillage in a presentation video

Since I can not always travel on site, I have worked out a script, which information must be in a short video. So people interested in Ecovillage, can get an authentic and practical impression.

So you can film your community and tell about it and I will finish the videos, (editing, sound etc.). Since it is often noisy, the audio can also be recorded separately.

The raw videos should be bright, sharp and without shakiness.

For questions and details please write me a mail. You will get a link for uploading.

Here you can have a look at the template: Template, script, Ecovillage video content

Of course I’m also happy to come in person to film etc. At visited communities you can see how it looks like.

This is for free, you should share the video in your social networks and if you can donate on my main page.