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I am Martin and I document sustainable lifestyles, especially eco-communities. Nowadays, self-sufficient living in local structures is more important than ever.
Visiting the first eco-villages, I had to realize, each one is different.
Not just a little bit different, but there are many different projects.
You are dissatisfied with the social life or the housing situation here?
Here I will inform you what types there are and how to find the community that fits to your personality.
You don’t need to travel locally, as it is often difficult to get there because the ecovillages are usually remote.
I do it for you and you can relax and watch. So I take away your insecurity and the fear to start at all.

Think, you will find a great place and warm people to live there happily, without pressure and hustle, where the neighbors are the best friends.

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Use my experience from over 20 communities, in over 10 countries. I now offer consultations. More…

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