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Hi, I’m Martin and I’ve visited many communities and I’ve found that each of them is unique.
And I don’t just mean a little different, there are a variety of different projects. If you are dissatisfied with social life or your housing situation, I can help you.

The communities have shown me in many seminars how pleasant it is to live together.
Here are my visited projects about the different types of communities and show you how to find the one that best suits your personality. You don’t have to travel locally as getting there is often difficult as the ecovillages are usually remote. I will take care of this for you and you can relax and watch. This way, I take away your uncertainty and fear of setting off.

However, in order to be accepted into one, or to set one up yourself, it is important to change your attitude (mindset) towards sharing. You can learn this, just as we have often learned the materialistic.

Would you like a Englisch video course? You are welcome to donate, if you can.

Think, you will find a great place and warm people to live there happily, without pressure and hustle, where the neighbors are the best friends.

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More about sustainable lifestyles is so important these days, check them out, anyone can join in, you can do it too. Have the courage! With the crises, it is more important than ever to live self-sufficiently in local structures, no matter where in the world. Join the network of like-minded people: Telegram group (eng)

Use my experience from over 20 communities, in over 10 countries. I offer counseling. Personally, we practice thinking and acting together and you learn how to spread love and receive it.
Also as an external mentor who consciously perceives your group from the outside and shows you the unconscious causes of conflicts.

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Oase in Paraguay

Hier ein Projekt, wo ich nicht vor Ort war. Die haben ein Video erstellt und ich gebe die Informationen weiter. Sie möchte Gleichgesinnte die